Saturday, 27 February 2010


February 2006 I released my first solo album "D'illusions Of Grandeur" on Little League Productions which was part of Lowlife Records.

Four years on and Lowlife and Little League no longer exist and I am putting the finishing touches to BLACK EINSTEIN's first EP.

So as a kind of recap/intro,
for 24 hours "D'illusions of Grandeur" will available as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

Also, due to many requests you'll also be able to
download the Instrumental Album. Also for 24 hours, also for FREE!!

So head to Black Einstein page on Bandcamp from Midnight 1st March 2010 and help yourself.

TECH/NERD ALERT - All the tracks have been passed through the amazing TL Audio "FAT TRACK" to boost a few frequencies and make it sound nice and warm and... well... FAT!! It's all about TUBES!!

Enjoy : ).

D'illusions Of Grandeur Track list

1. My Thing!! – KRS1
2. Pretend – Nate James
3. Getaway – Celetia Martin
4. Bubblebath – Daniel De Bourg & Dianna Fearon
5. D├ímelo – Belle
6. Back 2 Mars (Interlude)
7. Let’s Go Away – Braintax
8. uicksand – Daniel De Bourg
9. Morning Blues – Michelle Escoffery
10. Heat – Mystro
11. Flirtin’ – Terri Walker
12. pacebar (Interlude)
13. Right Here – Belle
14. Sisters Prayer (For Carla & Jessica) – Sammy J
15. Proof – Sandra Escoffery
16. Still Working


WOW!! It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged on here. It was all going so well and then Michael Jackson passed away. Things kind of went crazy after that and I neglected this site along with my Myspace page etc.

A lot's happened...

Illa J passed through the studio whilst he was in the UK on a promotional visit.

I got to meet Leon Ware after being involved in a search to find the right vocalist for some European date he played in 2010.

I completed “Bad For Me” for Eric Roberson’sMusic Fan First” Album,

Black Einstein became his band when he did his radio promo and album launch in the UK,

I did some work out in Australia with up and coming new artist Donna Jordee, carried on working on the forth coming Black Einstein EP and album.

As part of Black Einstein we achieved record of the week when Manny Norte sat in for DJ Swerve on Kiss FM last year with “Where You Are” Featuring Mystro & Lady Chann.

We kicked the year of producing the first official 2009 Rap Up by Mystro with the seal of approval from the man himself Skillz.

Production and writing duties took me through various journeys from producing and mixing indy/elecro/rock with Black Cherry to Producing a track for the Aaliyah Tribute FREE download by Soul Culture with Miss Baby Sol and mastering the album.

I’m currently in the middle of mastering the forth coming Mystro EP, “Digmund Freud” and putting the finishing touches to the Black Einstein EP, but more about that at a later date.

But I feel like I need to do something to show you how apologetic I am for not being on here for so long...

Hmmm..... How can I make it up to you????

Monday, 29 June 2009

MJ Tribute - Dwele

Dwele Says:June 25th, at home washing clothes for upcoming tour. . .had 45 minutes to set up the camera and have some fun in tribute to mike, mistakes and all, all in fun. R.I.P. mike!!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Pete Rock- They Reminisce (T.R.O.Y.)

This is what music is all about regardless of genre. Connecting with an emotion and being able to translate it into a form which creates a moment for others.

All classic tunes do this, and in this clip Pete Rock and guests (including 9th Wonder, Just Blaze, DJ Nu-Mark and DJ Revolution) discuss various aspects of the HIP HOP CLASSIC "THEY REMINISCE (T.R.O.Y.)".

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Dwele TV Presents: Tait - Just My Imagination

Says Dwele: "camera, couple models, tait, and a good song . . . "anotha dwele bootleg produuuctioooooon oooooooooh. . ."

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Dwele - Ish Talk (follow me)

Dwele says: before the Big Tone album release party, we find ourselves in random convo off of gran patron. .

They basically get asked what Hip Hop tunes out there they wish they would've made featuring Marv Won, Black Milk, RioData and T3 of Slum Village .... real good question... what do u wish u would've made?

Friday, 27 March 2009

Hey!!! Fancy watching a Raphael Saadiq mini gig thanks to Google?

Musicians@Google: Raphael Saadiq

If you are a Raphael Saadiq fan then here's something for ya, and if you're not have a listen anyway.

A mini concert performed for Google with a nice Q&A at the end.